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Seyed Mahdi Amiri

I am a skilled and accomplished a photographer with extensive fashion photography and social documentary experience and cinema photographer. My background in photography allowed me to utilize the fundamentals of fashion photography through the lighting and editing process, acclaimed presentation skills, and my ability to interact with Iranian Photographers House and Baher Art Group staffs at all levels. Especially, I have a gift for grasping complex art data and communicating to a broad range of art and non-art disciplines.

Mahdi amiri Ambassador of the company Cine Books

Full name            :            Seyed Mahdi Amiri
Location              :            Turkey - Antalya

Phone number       :             +989152808088

Email                   :  

After Effects 


Fashion . Wedding . Portrate


Photographer . Director . Ambassador


Ranked 1 st among Participants of Industrial Photography Festival And
The Winner Of The Golden Statue Award Arranged by Ministry Of
Industry,Mine and Trade(2016)
Honoured By The Jury Of The 3rd International Festival (2011)
Ranked 3 rd among Participants of Golestan Ali Festival (2011)
Ranked 1 st among Participants of Applied Science Competition of
Khorasan State (2006)

Ranked 1 st among Participants of Digital Photography Section of
National Correlation and General Participation (2006)
The Best Selected Artist of Photography Competition of Iranian
Contemporary House
Honoured By The Jury Of Naghsh-E-Behesht Festival
Ranked 1 st among Paticipants of Rahavard Sarzamin-E-Noor (2006)
Candidate of Al-Maktoum Festival Award
Selected Picture in the International North-East Festival of U.S.A
Selected Picture in the International Scoffing Festival of Bulgaria
Selected Picture in the Photography Festival of China
Selected Picture in the Hamedan Award Festival of Mohammad Al-
Maktoum U.A.E


Qualified To Teach Course Of Iran Photographers’ House
Computer Assembly Course Of Soroush Institute of Iran Film and Tv
Teaching Course Of Technical & Professional In Photography Major


Photography : Industrial,News,Behind The Scene Of Cinematic
Projects.Fashion,Artistical (Social Documentary) , Lighting (Indoor &
Outdoor),Photo Edition
Direction,Film Edition,Music Composing & Sound-Recording

Specialty In Softwares Of

Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Lightroom,Photomatix,Edius,Adobe After
Effect,Cubase,Reaper,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe Audition


Manager & Founder Of Studion Feram
Manager & Founder Of Artistical Group Of Baher
Deputy & Supervisor Of Public Relations Of Sepad Khorasan Company
Executive Manager Of Proma Conference
Executive Manager Of The Great Celebration Of Qadir For Employees
Of Sepad Khorasan Company
Editor-In-Chief Of Soureh Photography Agency In Khorasan Razavi
Province (2007-2010)
Arrangement Manager Of Sepad Special Newspaper In Green Building


Photography Teacher Of Iran Photographers’ House
Official Teacher Of Technical & Professional Organization


Photographer Of Pana News Agency (2000-2003)
Photographer Of Siasat-E-Rooz Newspaper (2003-2006)
Photographer Of Qods Newspaper (2006-2008)
Phtographer Of Khorasan Newspaper (2010-2011)



Shohreh Movie,Documantary Of The Largest Qoran In The World,Short
Movies Of The Most Lonely,Call Me Boy,Documantary Of Bureau For
Aliens & Foreign Affairs

Writing & Direction Of Music Video

The Silent Roads,The Awake Eye,The Nightmare,The TicTac Of
Alarm,The Vision

Solo & Group Photo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition Of A Glass Of Milk + Picture
Solo Exhibition Of Reflection
Solo Exhibition Of Afghan Kids
Solo Exhibition Of The Past Before Us
Group Exhibition Of The 15 th Iran Photographers’ House (My Beaytiful
Charity Group Exhibition Of Orphan Kids (Expo)
Group Exhibition Of Iran Photographers’ House In Azerbaijan
Group Exhibition Of Antiquities Of My Homeland (Iran Photographers’

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contact with me

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Turkey - Antalya

+98 915 280 80 88

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